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How to Create Your First Project: Consider Project Size
How to Create Your First Project: Consider Project Size
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When initiating your first project on Orbify, considering project size is paramount, especially when uploading geo files: oversized projects can impact performance on the platform. In this article, we'll provide guidance on achieving optimal performance when uploading geo files to Orbify.

Step 1: Polygon Management

Effective polygon management is crucial for smooth spatial data handling on Orbify:

  • Define Precise Project Boundaries: Ensure that project boundaries accurately represent the intended project area to minimize unnecessary data.

  • Simplify Polygon Geometries: Reduce file size without compromising accuracy by simplifying polygon geometries.

  • Calculate Total Project Area: Evaluate whether the project size aligns with Orbify's requirements by calculating the total area covered by the polygon.

Step 2: Mind Orbify's Upload Limits

Understanding Orbify's upload limits is essential.

Here are the upload thresholds for different subscription tiers:

Starter: Up to 50,000 hectares

Pro: Up to 250,000 hectares

Enterprise: Up to 2,500,000 hectares

You have the option to upgrade your subscription plan or reach out to us directly to accommodate larger project sizes.


By effectively managing project size and considering Orbify's upload limits, you can optimize performance on the platform. Following the steps outlined in this article will enable you to navigate project size effectively and achieve successful project management on Orbify.

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