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How to get the API configuration details?
How to get the API configuration details?
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Orbify offers a plethora of features and workflows, provides developers with access to its extensive capabilities through a straightforward API. However, before developers can harness the power of the Orbify API, they need to acquire the necessary configuration details to authenticate their requests effectively. In this article, we'll walk you through the process of obtaining API configuration details for Orbify, enabling you to unlock its full potential in your applications.

Step 1: Access Orbify's Settings Section

Log in to your Orbify account.

In the top right, find the Settings section.

Step 2: Open API Keys Tab

Access the API Keys tab within Orbify. This tab serves as the gateway to managing your API access and authentication settings.

Step 3: Generate API Access Token

If you haven't created an API Access Token previously, the next step is to generate one. Within the API Keys tab, you'll find the "Generate API token" button. Click on this button to initiate the token generation process. Orbify will generate a unique API Access Token for you, which serves as the key to authenticate your API calls.

Step 4: Copy the Application Identifier

In addition to the API Access Token, you'll also need to copy your Application Identifier. This identifier acts as a parameter required for authenticating your Orbify API calls. Once generated, the Application Identifier remains associated with your application and ensures seamless authentication when making requests to the Orbify API.


Obtaining API configuration details is the foundational step in leveraging the capabilities of Orbify. By following the simple process outlined above, developers can swiftly acquire the necessary credentials to authenticate their API requests. With the API Access Token and Application Identifier in hand, you'll be equipped to seamlessly integrate Orbify's features and workflows into your software projects, enhancing their functionality and efficiency.

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